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Ursvik Ultra 2015 - 16 years!

Registration 75 km
Registration 45 km
Registration Stafett

Participants 75 km
Participants 45 km
Participants relay

Date and time

Ursvik Ultra 75 km as well as Stafettklass (The Relay) start on Saturday, March 21 at midnight.

Ursvik Ultra Light 45 km is starting 3 hours later at 3 a.m. on March 22.

The competition center is Ursviks Motionsgård in Sundbyberg. The Motionsgård will be open all night from 6 p.m. There you will find showers, a sauna and room to spread a mat to rest on, both during and after the race.

The Trail
The race is run on the 15 km trail, also known as the Extreme Trail.  It is relatively hilly and is a mixture of lighted trails and bigger and smaller paths.

Much of the trail is in darkness. A quality headlamp is recommended. Parts of the trail are lit. Sunrise is ca 6 a.m.

Ground condition
It is usually slippery, especially certain hills. We recommend shoes with spikes.


Thanks to the high standard of the information that you have given us, this race is certified according to ITRA standards:

URSVIK ULTRA (2015) : 1 points ITRA certified


75 km - 5 laps, women's and men's categories - Price 350 SEK
45 km - 3 laps, women's and men's categories - Price 350 SEK
Stafett (Relay) - 5 laps which are divided between 2 to 5 runners - Price 800 SEK

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